artwork by Isrol triono A.K.A Media Legal
For sale. Email me at if interested.

"anak kecil mandi di ember" 41X51cm - Edition 2
3 colour silckscreen on concord cream paper. 250gsm paper.

"Black Flag - spray paint" 39X45cm Edition 10, one colour silckscreen, 
roll hand  paint background on concord white paper. 250gsm paper.

"kendaraan murah macet semakin parah"
 46X36cm Edition 4, two colour silckscreen, recycled paper.

one colour screenprint withs praypainted additions.

"Memory in the wall" 32X43cm, 3 Edition
one colour screenprint with hand painted concord cream paper

Keith Haring KW, 43X35cm Edition 4, 
five colour silckscreen on concord cream paper. 250gsm paper.